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Let me get you up to speed with my experience editing over 50 nationally televised episodes of HD content to networks such as Outdoor Channel, Pursuit Channel and FOX Sports Midwest.

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I have used my knowledge of cinematography to overlap into photography. It is great to learn manual settings of a camera to capture images the way that you want to. Whether you want a flat image for editing or a solid image straight from the camera. Photography is fun in that every condition can call for a variety of different settings to create a special freeze frame in time.

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I started with a beginner course in college to make a portfolio to showcase my knowledge of video editing. This has turned into managing multiple websites for former T.V. shows as well as my current position supporting websites for car dealerships across the nation at

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Ryan Paxton Productions | Film, Video, Animation & Web Design

I produced a television show called Point Of Impact and I have also worked on two other national shows called Outdoors In The Heartland and ScentBlocker Most Wanted. On these shows I had my hands in all forms of production and post production. These opportunities allowed me to edit over 50 nationally televised episodes on either Outdoor Channel or Pursuit Channel.

In my past I have also worked on a web series called "Epilogue the Series" which was nominated for a Collegiate Emmy award. For this project I was the lead for post-production and supervised editors as well as edited myself. Just recently I have also co-directed and edited a short film called "Daisy" that made the top 200 submissions for HBO's Project Greenlight series hosted by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Technical Knowledge

Avid Media Composer

I have been working with Avid Media Composer since college and it has been my primary platform for editing National Television shows. I have done everything from simple cuts to complex title sequence and promotional videos using this program in conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create a professional visual aesthetic

Adobe Creative Suite

I have been working with Adobe Creative Suite from the beginning of my passion for digital media. I started with Adobe Photoshop where I learned how to make graphics more visually compelling through emulating graphics seen on National television commercials and online websites. I began learning the value of video editing through Adobe Premiere Pro during high school on into my early years of college. I have recently been transferring images to Adobe Illustrator files for company t-shirt designs and printing advertisements. I have also taken courses in college using Adobe Dreamweaver where I learned the importance of aesthetics and design for websites as well as fundamental coding such as HTML and CSS. I have been able to create my own personal portfolio website with this knowledge ( as well as maintaining or creating company websites (

Cinema 4D

I have a basic understanding of this program in terms of creating basic shapes or logos in 3D to be rendered out for Adobe After Effects for compositing with separate footage for a visual appeal that can’t always be achieved with 2D graphics.

Canon Cameras

I have started my DSLR career with a Canon T2i where I learned the basics of manual camerawork and functionality. From this I have grown to the Canon 5D III where I have a lot more creative freedom with the wide range of ISO control and the full-frame. Learning the basics of cinematography have allowed me to capture images more clearly and calculated so that I can edit my photos and videos for my personal and client's taste.

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